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Region List

This is the Mozambique Region List page list. You can click the title to browse the detail information.
Region Code Region Name City National Destination Code Carrier Name Number Type
Beira 23 TDM G
Chokwé 281 TDM G
Inhambane 293 TDM G
Lichinga 271 TDM G
Manica 251 TDM G
Maputo 21 TDM G
Mobile Telephony GSM 82 Mcel Mozambique M
Mobile Telephony GSM 84 Vodacom M
Nampula 26 TDM G
Pemba 272 TDM G
Quelimane 24 TDM G
Tete 252 TDM G
Xai-Xai 282 TDM G